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Google Wallet app broke after Android 14 QPR1 Beta upgrade

Google has dropped the Android 14 QPR1 beta with an exciting range of features and capabilities. But apart from new enhancements, the firmware has arrived with some annoying glitches. As per the details, the Android 14 QPR1 beta has broken Google Wallet, restricting normal functioning.

A few Pixel device owners reported that the latest Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1 upgrade has blocked the Google Wallet. Ultimately, users are unable to perform relevant tasks in the application. Meanwhile, the input says that the app now shows a prompt on the screen when opening it:

“device doesn’t meet security requirements. You can’t tap to pay with this device. It may be rooted or running uncertified software. Contact your device manufacturer or visit Google Wallet Help for more info.”

Don’t worry as the app has not swept out any of the NFC payment cards or related details. Although it is restricting users from adding a new card to the application. Another notable point is – not every user is facing this defect and some said that Google Wallet is still working.

Perhaps, this could be a beta effect, and things may get normal either with the new version or after some wait.

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Android 14 QPR1 Google Wallet


Google Wallet app broke after Android 14 QPR1 Beta upgrade

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