Apple AirTag gets new firmware update to strengthen anti-tracking measures with Android apps, and shorten alarm time

Apple is strengthening the security of AirTag to prevent tracking. Apple is already pushing an OTA update (version number 1.0.276) to AirTag. If an unknown AirTag is moving with the user, it will shorten the time to alert the user.

Currently, AirTag will play a sound three days after leaving the owner. After the update, AirTag will play a sound at a random time after 8 hours and within 24 hours.

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Apple is also creating an application for Android devices to allow Android phones to detect unknown AirTag or Find My network-enabled items, which will prevent AirTag from being used to track Android users.

AirTag is designed to play a sound when leaving the owner. If there is an unknown AirTag nearby, it will also alert the iPhone owner, but Apple has been criticized because its anti-tracking measures are not good enough.

The Washington Post published an article in May outlining how AirTag can be used for secret tracking. The Android application will be released later this year, and AirTag’s sound update will be automatically applied when AirTag is close to the iPhone.


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