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OnePlus made a comeback in Germany with its latest devices 

After a sales ban of a long time, OnePlus is finally making a comeback in Germany with its latest devices including the OnePlus 12, the OnePlus 12R, and OnePlus Open. This information must have sparked a wave of excitement among tech enthusiasts and OnePlus fans living in Germany.

As per the details, in 2022 OPPO and OnePlus halted sales of smartphones sold in Germany due to a patent dispute with Nokia. Meanwhile, now, Oppo has reached a deal with Nokia that allows the company, and its partner brand OnePlus, to bring smartphones back to Germany.

At the time of the ban, it was found that Oppo was using Nokia’s patented tech in its smartphones, and along with OPPO, OnePlus was also restricted to selling its products in the country. As, OnePlus released its first tablet, the Pad, in Germany in 2023, but the tablet was pulled off from sale shortly after launch.

But somehow, OnePlus has managed to make its comeback in Germany and its latest devices including OnePlus 12, and OnePlus 12R are available to pre-order at €949 and €699, respectively. Meanwhile, the OnePlus Open a first foldable phone is also up for purchase in the country starting at €1,799.

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OnePlus made a comeback in Germany with its latest devices 

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