Avoid these things on OnePlus phone if you want great battery life

OnePlus 9 Pro OxygenOS 13 F.19 update

OnePlus timely released a new software update for its smartphone that boosted the performance of your device. Moreover, for whatever reason, if the battery draining issue is encountered after an update, the company also releases solutions for that particular problem.


Even though smartphone users once faced a common problem related to their battery life. Likewise, the battery consumption and the amount of battery life of a OnePlus phone depend on various factors. So, is your new or old OnePlus phone draining battery quickly? Here’s how to fix it.

Various aspects of battery drain problems include how often you use the device, how many apps you have installed and running, operating system errors, and network connectivity. And while 5G networks tend to drain the battery faster, OnePlus smartphones use advanced AI-based software to effectively control battery consumption.

Before trying the following suggestions, make sure your device software and associated apps are updated to the latest versions. You can manually check for OTA updates by navigating to [Settings] – [System] – [System Update] – [Check for Updates] – [Download and Install Now].

Avoid these things on OnePlus phone if you want great battery life 

Actually, if you use it under the same conditions after you buy it, your new phone’s battery may drain faster than your old phone. Users usually launch several applications a few days after purchase, set various features in the device’s initial settings, and optimize the frequency of background operations in the meantime.

As a result, you may find that your battery life is shorter than when you were using your previous device.
5G service may consume more battery. Your smartphone may consume more battery than usual when connected to a 5G network.

Since your phone is connected to multiple networks at the same time, your battery may drain faster than usual, and your phone may overheat a bit if you were only using 3G or LTE.

Solution for great battery life 

  • Let your screen turn off quickly.
  • Decrease screen brightness.
  • Set the brightness to change automatically.
  • Turn off keyboard sound or vibration.
  • Restrict apps with high battery usage.
  • Turn on Adaptive Battery.
  • Delete unused accounts.
  • Turn on Dark Mode.
  • Use the power adapter that came with your phone.
  • Charge as much or as little as needed.

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