Bitcoin crashed by more than $10,000 in one go, trying to recover again

Bitcoin has lost its maximum value in just one day. The market has fallen, and it has fallen heavily. If yesterday the value of Bitcoin hovered around $ 64,000, then this morning it dropped to $ 51,000.

Now the main cryptocurrency of the world has won back the fall a little, but the quotes are still painted red: $ 57,291 at the time of writing is still far from yesterday’s level.

Other cryptocurrencies have collapsed along with Bitcoin. So, at the peak, the price decline for Ethereum was 20%, for Binance Coin – 17%, Ripple – 26%, Litecoin – 28%, Tron – 25%. Now they, like Bitcoin, have won back the fall – to a greater or lesser extent.

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Of course, such a drop was followed by a sell-off of cryptocurrencies, but so far its level is difficult to assess. The reason for the market fall was rumors that the US Treasury had accused a number of financial institutions of using cryptocurrency for money laundering.

What kind of organizations they are and what mechanisms of money laundering are in question are not reported. Perhaps there are no charges at all, but, nevertheless, rumors were enough to drop Bitcoin.


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