Call of Duty Warzone: Top 5 essential tips that players to get closer look at Summit

Call of Duty Mobile introduces Tokyo Escape, the third Season for Call of Duty: Mobile. This latest update releasing later this week, Season 3 ushers in a new chapter as well as a whole suite of new content, including two new Multiplayer maps, new weapons, the Overclock perk, new Operators and weapon Blueprints, events and challenges, and 50 tiers of new earnable rewards across the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Recently, Call of Duty introduces the newest series on the COD blog, which serves up the best of the Call of Duty: Warzone Official Strategy Guide. Read on for crucial tips that players should know and to get a closer look at Summit.

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Like the game it covers, the strategy guide received its biggest update yet last week, and although reading every one of its 230,000+ words will help turn you into an elite Operator, COD developers know it may be a bit much for one sitting.

Therefore, in addition to it being a great second-screen experience, these #WarzoneWednesday posts will break down a fresh Point of Interest and provide five tips straight from the guide, in addition to any other updates that are worth putting on your radar.

Top Five Tips of the Week:

For the first-ever WarzoneWednesday, we’re curating our Top Five Tips straight from the more “greenhorn-focused” sections of the strategy guide. Even if you aren’t a new player, these tips are great for improving your game by going back to the basics:

1. Navigation and Callouts 101

The mini-map and compass are two of the biggest pieces of reconnaissance technology in the game — and they come standard on your HUD. Use them to call out enemies (e.g., “two snipers at 90 degrees/East/90”) or plan your next move. Also, look at the bottom of the compass to see the name of the location you are currently in, which can also help with navigation and callouts in combination with our map.

2. Context Clues

Pay close attention to your HUD for additional button prompts, lest you miss a grenade icon and get blown to bits. Furthermore, when your HUD flashes red, it means you are taking damage; the direction of where these red flashes come from indicate where you are taking fire from. Use this to take proper cover and call out enemies.

3. No Shame in Practice

Whether it’s getting a better understanding of the basic mechanics or practicing against artificial opponents, never feel bad about doing the Tutorial. In fact, come back if you’re ever unsure of the basics or need a warm-up before dropping into a proper match.

4. A Grand Tour of Verdansk

Exploring all of Verdansk can be done more easily in Plunder compared to Battle Royale, as the circle collapse will limit the playable area. For that reason, those who explore each locale on the map using this Atlas may want to play Blood Money.

5. Summit All Up, and You Get Plenty of Action

The individual buildings within Summit offer great close-quarters opportunities, especially the familiar sights of the main Command and Control Centers. However, snipers and long-range weaponry can rule the spaces between buildings, just watch your step before you fall into the gorge below.

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