Google Emoji Kitchen Device

Check how to use Google Emoji Kitchen on any device [Step by Step]

Google Emoji Kitchen is an interesting Gboard feature that enables users to add joy and fun to their conversations, and here are some simple steps that will help you to access this capability on any device, whether it is Android, iPhone, or desktop.

To those who are unaware, Google Emoji Kitchen on your device lets you set up weird and unnatural emoticon combinations. And you can check this functionality by following a few easy instructions. To begin with:

  • Open any reliable browser, say Google Chrome
  • Head to
  • Search for Emoji Kitchen
  • A widget with ‘Get Cooking’ will appear on the screen
  • Hit the ‘Get Cooking’ tab

Here you will see a new window with the Randomize and Clear All buttons. Users can pick two emojis and assign them to one of the slots on the top. In doing so, you will a merger of the two picked emoticons on the right side. You can further copy the .png file of the image.

On the flip side, you can access more combinations in Android where Gboard offers a larger database of Emoji Kitchen combinations. To check:

  • Open any messaging app
  • Tap in the text field to access Gboard
  • Tap the emoji icon
  • Select and base emoji and find the emoji you want to pair it with
  • You will see a combination emoji appearing in the section.

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Google Emoji Kitchen Device


Check how to use Google Emoji Kitchen on any device [Step by Step]

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