ColorOS 11 Tips and Tricks: How to create your own AOD (Always On Display)

[NOTE: For this tutorial, we used Oppo Find X3 Pro as our device]

If you are an AOD person then you definitely like the ‘always-on display’ on the Oppo Find X3 Pro, because it offers a bunch of cool customizations due to its latest ColorOS 11 skin based on Android 11.


The ‘always-on display’ is a great feature in Oppo Find X3 Pro, showing you a constant clock as well as any notifications you have waiting while your phone is on standby. However, with Oppo’s latest version of ColorOS, you can create your own.


How to create your own AOD?

Go to Settings > Personalisations and select ‘Always-on display’. Tap the plus icon in the top corner and now choose which style of always-on display you want from the pop-up list.

On the next screen, you get to choose the finer details, if you chose a custom pattern you draw with your finger on the screen creating an animation a bit like a Spirograph.

You can also choose the color, shape, and paintbrush style. Tap ‘next’ and now chose your clock style, text color, and which other information you want to display.

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