Epic acquires ArtStation, a well known CG visual arts website

Epic recently announced that it has acquired the well-known CG visual art website ArtStation, which will maintain its independent brand, and announced a series of fee reduction measures to increase the market size of the website.

The ArtStation is an online comprehensive CG visual art website that integrates mainstream art display platforms in games, movies, media, and entertainment industries. It was launched in 2014 and contains many CG artworks from all over the world.

Official Announcement:

Today, we are happy to announce that ArtStation will join the Epic Games family. Together, we will accelerate the development and growth of the global creator community. This partnership emphasizes the mission of Epic and ArtStation, which is to provide creators with tools and platforms to enable them to thrive.

ArtStation will remain an independent brand platform owned by Epic Games and will continue its mission of empowering creators to flourish. You can still use this platform as you do today, and we will continue to open it to creators in all verticals, including 2D and 3D creators – including those who don’t use Unreal Engine. We will actively recruit and grow the ArtStation team. We are committed to improving this platform, and now as part of Epic, we will be able to do more.

  • Earn more on the ArtStation market

Starting today, we will greatly increase the profit potential of sellers on the ArtStation market. We will reduce our standard fee from 30% to only 12%. For members, the fee is reduced from 20% to 8%, and the sales fee for self-promotion is 5%.

  • ArtStation learning is free for the rest of 2021

We will also provide free ArtStation learning to all members for the rest of 2021. ArtStation Learning is our streaming video service for artists. It is characterized by unlimited access to an ever-growing content library from industry professionals. Artists can expand their skills in a wide range of artistic themes and learn at their own pace.

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