Explore 4 useful OxygenOS 12.1 features for your OnePlus phone

3 OxygenOS 12.1 features

When OnePlus smartphone users start exploring OxygenOS 12.1 features He/She will find that the company adds various new features that they actually want. Well, out of various OxygenOS 12.1 features, in this article, we put 4 useful features that your OnePlus smartphone offers.


3 OxygenOS 12.1 features

4 useful OxygenOS 12.1 features for your OnePlus phone

OxygenOS 12.1 Zen Mode 2.0

This is something different bus useful. When you are distracted by group chats and viral videos? This is where OnePlus OxygenOS 12.1 offers you Zen Mode. OnePlus Zen Mode helps you disconnect from the digital world and gives you 20, 30, or 60 minutes of peace and quiet.

When enabled, your OnePlus device will temporarily silence all incoming notifications except phone calls, lock all apps, and cannot be canceled until the timer expires. Zen Mode 2.0 lets you invite family and friends to your Zen moments. This is especially useful if you study in a group and want a distraction-free environment. Zen Mode is a reminder to stay on task, which is a great feature for students.

OxygenOS 12.1 Zen Mode

OxygenOS 12.1 Reading Mode

OxygenOS is touted as one of the best versions of Android with a minimalist yet highly customizable user interface. Apart from this, it also offers some really cool features like Reading Mode which applies a monochrome filter to your phone screen. It helps in reducing eye strain while reading e-books, PDFs, and other lengthy content. There’s also an option to hide peak notifications in reading mode and turn them on automatically when you open certain apps.

OxygenOS 12.1 Alert Slider

OxygenOS 12.1 Notification Slider or Alert Slider has been a signature feature of OnePlus since the OnePlus One and couldn’t be more useful during exam season. This 3-mode slider allows you to switch between Ring (Low), Vibrate (Medium), and Silent (High) sound profiles without turning on your phone.

This is especially useful for students, as they can quickly turn off their OnePlus during a study session or lecture, or change the ring when they return to their dorm.

OnePlus Alert Slider

OxygenOS 12.1 Focus Mode

Like Zen Mode, OxygenOS 12.1 Focus Mode lets you suspend distracting apps when you need time. In this case, instead of completely restricting access to your OnePlus device, you are restricting only those apps that you have specified.

The Focus Mode found in the Digital Wellbeing setting can be turned on at certain times so that you can receive notifications from it. Of all the programs we have found this feature to be most effective one hour before the exam.

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