Google announced new audio switching technology on its fast pair technology

Google has announced the Pixel Buds Pro. It has been launched beside the new Pixel 6a. The highlight of Google Pixel Buds Pro is the new audio switching technology, followed by many impressing features that include- 11 hours of music playback, Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal, and quickly pairing of earbuds with an Android smartphone.

Google provides full control of notifications to its Android users, as they can switch the audio back to the original device you were listening to just by a single tap. Likewise, Google understands this thing very well, that everyone has their priority-wise sound.

Google’s new audio switching technology

This new feature is inclined to switch the audio among various devices. It can take many audio categories into account. For instance- Phone calls, Media playback, Notification, and all of the sounds your devices may make. Google is also planning to roll out this feature to choose Sony and JBL headphones in the upcoming days or weeks.

We can expect Chromebooks, Google TV, and other connected devices may get this feature very soon. For example, if you are watching a video on your tablet and you a notification pops up on your smartphone, your headphone audio will not switch to your phone. But in case, you receive a phone call, then your headphone audio will make the switch.

If you want to enable Google audio switching, firstly make sure that your headphones support both Bluetooth multipoint and audio switching, and toggle it right to turn on in your “Device details” settings for an improved audio experience.

Price & Availability

Users can purchase the earbuds from Flipkart on July 28. It comes in various eye-catching colors like Coral, Charcoal, Lemongrass, and Fog variants.



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