Google Airplane mode Android

Google might bring enhanced Airplane mode for Android devices

Google has recently applied for a new patent that hints to bring a helpful and enhanced Airplane mode for Android devices. The latest information reveals that the patent is entitled “Activating a Connected Flight Mode” which would easily work with all types of handsets including phones, tablets, and laptops.

The new patent points out that the feature would be able to detect when you are on a plane and will turn on the Airplane mode automatically. Eventually, users won’t need to enable or disable the respective tool manually. On the other hand, it will switch it off as you will land on the ground. In addition, the feature will let you run Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

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Whereas, activities like automatic backup, background app refreshes, and updates will remain turned off. The feature won’t support any network at the time your device’s battery is low. Thus, several things will work together with the help of advanced sensors. Google is still working on this enhanced Airplane mode for Android and there is no surety on this matter.

Google Airplane mode Android


Google might bring enhanced Airplane mode for Android devices

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