Google releases Android 12L Beta 1, brings a new UI, screen recording, and more

Google has released the Android 12L Beta version specifically for large-screen devices. The latest version optimizes the layout and features for large-screen devices such as tablets.

This is also the first beta version of the Android 12L OS. Although this system is still mainly for developers, it is more stable than the developer preview version.


The Android 12L refines the system UI to make it more beautiful and easier to use on large screens—across notifications, quick settings, lockscreen, overview, the home screen, and more.

Google has added a new two-column layout for devices with larger screens in the Android 12L system to help users get more information at once.

The lock screen also uses a larger two-column layout to highlight notifications and clock, and system apps like Settings are also optimized.

For example, the user’s quick settings and notification bar can be displayed side by side. Google Android 12L is also committed to improving multitasking capabilities. Users can drag applications from the taskbar to achieve a split-screen display, and they can quickly switch between applications.

Like the previous developer preview version, Google said that users can run the beta version of Android 12L through the compatible tablet. The beta version can be tested on more devices in the future. Users can also choose to run the Android 12L beta in the emulator.

Google said that users can also install the Android 12L beta on devices such as Pixel 3A and Pixel 5A, but they cannot experience the user interface optimized for large-screen devices.


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