Hackers stole Apple’s new products blueprint, threating to release in public

A group of hackers claims to have stolen blueprints of various Apple hardware devices and are now threatening to publish the documents unless the tech giant pays a huge ransom of tens of millions of dollars.

According to the Record, the creators of the ransomware REvil stole blueprints of Apple devices from the Taiwanese company Quanta, an Apple supplier. The hackers posted the information on the darknet, saying they reached out to Apple after Quanta refused to pay a $ 50 million ransom.

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Initially, the REvil group released blueprints for the Macbook and Apple Watch, threatening to release more data daily. The attackers set a deadline for Apple – May 1.

“Our team is negotiating the sale of large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several major brands. We recommend that Apple buy back the available data by May 1.”

Apple told 9to5 Mac that it was “investigating the incident,” but did not provide details.

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