HarmonyOS 2 software update information for Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro is one of Huawei’s top-notch flagship smartphones from its P40 lineup. It packs various new features such as a powerful Kirin 990 processor, curved OLED display, powerful camera, and more.

With the official announcement of the new HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei allotted its top 28 devices for public beta testing, the P40 series which was already up for the developer beta also received its first public beta.

The Huawei P40 Pro already came with EMUI 10.1 pre-installed and received EMUI 11 version later on. Though both of them were based on Android 10. Moving on, it also received developer beta updates of the new HarmonyOS 2.0 from December 2020.

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With HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei aims to achieve great heights and fully adapt the new OS to its ecosystem. This can be known from the features it comes with including supermodel, its the major highlight that allows users to control several devices from one supermodel.

Furthermore, there are features such as Service Widgets, Control Panel, Service Center, Smart Folder, Huawei Share, and more. The new HarmonyOS has a lot to offer and it will also become part of other smart devices in the coming days.

This is the dedicated tracker of Huawei P40 Pro that will keep reminding you of the latest news, leaks, beta, stable rollout, and everything else you need to know related to Huawei’s latest-gen HarmonyOS.

Note: The beta testing for HarmonyOS 2.0 is currently limited to Chinese users and will soon be available for global users.

HarmonyOS Beta Status for Huawei P40 Pro:

[July 16, 2021]

Yet another battery improvement is rolling out for Huawei P40 Pro devices running HarmonyOS 2. This will enhance the user’s experience after upgrading. Read more here

[July 06, 2021]

Huawei P40 Pro is now getting a new HarmonyOS 2.0 based software update that brings better display and sound improvements for a better user experience. Read more here


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