Huawei began sending first HarmonyOS 2.0 closed beta for Huawei P30 lineup

Starting on June 2, Huawei began HarmonyOS 2.0 closed beta testing for 28 Huawei devices, including smartphones, tablet computers, and smart shows, in the home.

The first round of HarmonyOS closed beta is recruiting, in a number of new smartphone models that issue Huawei Mate 20, Nova 8, Nova 7, Nova 6 series, and other smart devices.

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Due to beta testing, it was reported that Huawei plans to speed up the HarmonyOS testing process and other devices upgrade roadmap. Therefore, in the next few days, the company will begin the second stage of the HarmonyOS recruitment process.

And now, Huawei has officially opened the slots of HarmonyOS 2.0 closed beta for Huawei P30 smartphones along with a bunch of other devices. Still, the HarmonyOS beta program is limited to the Chinese models.

To be a part of HM OS beta, these users can register through the My Huawei App between June 10 and June 17. After completion of device enrollment, Huawei will start the rollout of HarmonyOS test OTA software update for the selected beta testers.

Aside from this, the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro devices were scheduled to take part in HarmonyOS 2 beta activity by the fourth quarter of this year but it’s surely an early start and will help the company to prepare for an early global rollout somewhere this year.


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