Huawei HarmonyOS 2 finally adds Dark Mode Scheduling feature that EMUI 11 lacks

Huawei introduced the dark more feature in EMUI 9.1 for the first time and then it remained the same in the latest EMUI 11. The company hasn’t made any changes to the dark mode in its coming generations of the operating system. Though, the new HarmonyOS has introduced the feature most of the users were waiting for.

It’s the scheduling feature for dark mode available on Huawei devices. The company ignored it, yet it’s the most used feature and useful too. The dark mode was introduced with Android 10 and it applies a system-wide dark theme that is helpful for users while working in daylight or night conditions.

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The users were expecting something good out of the EMUI 11in the dark mode feature, while nothing was found worth waiting for. Though, the company has now added the feature with the new HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system that finally lets the users decide when to use dark mode and when not to.

In the new HarmonyOS 2.0, there’s a feature called ‘Scheduled’ under the Dark mode. This one allows the users to set the time limit for the dark mode on how long they want to work in the dark theme. While there’s another ‘Enable all day’ feature if you don’t want to schedule the dark theme.

HarmonyOS 2.0 Dark Mode:

While you go through the settings of dark mode, it offers several customizations compared to the EMUI 11. First of all, the dark more here has its own settings unlike just a toggle on the EMUI. There are these options such as ‘Scheduled’, ‘Enable all day’. Even it has an option that lets you select the particular app while you wanna see the dark theme.


This is the option that most of the users were waiting for, here they can choose the amount of time when the dark theme will exist. Again in the ‘Scheduled‘, there are two options as Start and End, and there is not need to give an explanation for them.

  • Start: This one lets you choose the exact starting time from when the dark mode will be applied.
  • End: After settings the time in the ‘End’ option, the system will automatically change the dark theme to the custom.
  • Lastly, users also have an option to select or deselect any application on which they want/don’t want to apply the dark theme.

Enable all day:

This will let your dark mode stay 24/7 that means the dark mode will be applied to the theme unless you change the settings or turn it off.

EMUI 11 Dark Mode:

On the EMUI 11, there was just an option to turn on or off the dark mode via a toggle in the Display and brightness settings. This OS does not feature any customizations on the dark mode settings while the new HarmonyOS 2.0 do.

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