Intel CEO: Chip shortages could continue for another two years

Intel CEO believes the worldwide chip shortage could continue for another two years. This opinion was expressed by Pat Gelsinger during a press conference on the quarterly report.

He clarified that in order to eliminate the deficit, it is necessary to expand production capabilities. It is precise with the timing of the commissioning of new capacities that the assessment of how long the shortage will be felt is related.

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“It will take some time to build up the additional capacity,” said Pat Gelsinger. “It happens when you build new factories.”

According to the CEO of Intel, this year is a turning point for the company. As you know, the IDM 2.0 strategy was presented in March. In particular, it provides for investments of about $ 20 billion in the construction of two new factories in Arizona, adjacent to the existing Intel production.

A global chip shortage has disrupted manufacturing in several sectors, including automotive, networking, and other electronics.


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