Intel CEO says that it will take two year to catch up with TSMC

by Ashish

Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger said in an interview that the US has declined in the semiconductor industry. Today’s 37% of the world’s share has dropped to 12%, and now only Intel is producing high-end chips in the US. About 75% of semiconductor production capacity is now concentrated in Asia.

Kissinger pointed out that the biggest setback time for the US chip industry may be in the early 21st century. Apple’s former CEO Jobs needed iPhone chips, but Intel was not interested. After that, Apple went to Asia to find partners and finally found TSMC.

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The chips produced by TSMC are now 30% faster than Intel products, with more powerful performance, and manufacturing technology leading Intel. Intel believes that it will take two years to catch up. “We will have no distractions.”

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