Intel Core i7-1195G7 running scores leaked, early test results are slightly lower to i7-1185G7

by RPRNA Group

Puget Systems is a well-known PC and workstation maker, the company will also test hardware benchmarks in actual application scenarios. Recently the company revealed Intel’s unreleased new generation of Tiger Lake Refresh series Some early test results of the i7-1195G7 processor.


The 11th generation Core i7-1195G7 processor is a quad-core CPU based on the Willow Cove architecture. The processor is equipped with an Intel Xe-LP GPU with 80 or 96 execution units. The chip has the same configuration as all other Core i7-11x5Gx products, with a maximum TDP of 28W.

From the naming point of view, it is positioned higher than the current flagship model i7-1185G7, so it may have a higher basic frequency or turbo frequency. The test results of Puget Systems, this 2.90 GHz i7-1195G7 is even inferior to the 3.0 GHz of the previous i7-1185G7.

Therefore, the PugetBench test results are slightly lower than i7-1185G7. Previously, Intel intends to launch a new version of Tiger Lake CPU that supports LPDDR5 memory, but the above results are based on 16GB 4266MHz memory that may just be Intel’s internal testing.

Of course, considering that Intel is still optimizing a new generation of processors, this result is also acceptable. It is worth mentioning that Intel also has several Tiger Lake processors that have not been released in the 11th generation processor roadmap. Perhaps Core i7-1195G7 is one of them.


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