Lotoo launches professional audio recorder PAW 1, equip with a large-size XY microphone

by RPRNA Group

On April 8, Chinses maker Lotoo officially released the PAW 1 professional recorder. This product is small in size, powered by 2×AA batteries, and can be equipped with a large-size XY microphone. This product has a compact body, weighing only 87.2g, and has a 1/4 screw on the back of the body that is easy to install on cameras, recording picks, and other equipment.

It can be used for professional interviews, video recording, VLog recording, live broadcast, and other purposes. In terms of parameters, the product has a built-in Texas Instruments (TI) high-performance professional DAC decoder chip.


The recorder is furnished with LM-180A external microphone that supports 96kHz 24bit stereo recording, and 48KHz 24bit mono audio can be recorded using the built-in microphone of this device. In terms of playback, it supports 192KHz 24bit PCM and DSD 128 decoding.

Additionally, the product has built-in Lotoo self-developed PMEQ/ATE sound effects. Lotoo’s recorder can be controlled with a mobile app to fully control the recording and playback parameters. The recording mode provides professional functions such as pre-recording, AGC, VOR, variable speed and constant tone, and Mark points.

The HiFi playback function supports album cover display, collection, and creation of playlists. In addition, the product has low-cut noise reduction and AI intelligent noise reduction functions. Provides three levels of noise reduction modes to ensure the recording effect and reduce the difficulty of post-processing.

By looking at the recording scenes, the product provides multiple modes of meeting/professional interview/site/live/classroom/music recording/natural recording/blog/professional recording.

The Lotoo PAW 1 product has a USB-C interface that can act as a USB external microphone, and supports Windows, Apple computers, Android, and other devices, without the need to install drivers.

In order to ensure that the recording process is not disturbed, the Lotoo PAW 1 has specially customized a mute button. The inside of the fuselage has a special noise reduction structure, which is integrated with aviation aluminum alloy and has strong durability.

The product has more than 30 hours of continuous recording/playback performance and supports continuous power supply through mobile power or charger. Once the battery cover is opened, the recording file will be automatically saved to prevent loss.

The price information of the Lotoo PAW 1 product is as follows:

  1. PAW 1 (64G) stand-alone ¥1999
  2. PAW 1 (256G) stand-alone ¥2999
  3. XY microphone LM-180A ¥999
  4. Monitor Headphone LE-M1 ¥1499
  5. Multifunctional bracket ¥149
  6. Combined storage bag ¥ 199


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