MediaTek phones are slower than Qualcomm, Xiaomi explains why

Google Android 12

Android 12 is now official and several OEMs have started sending the updates to their respective smartphones. At the same time, the concerns are raising that MediaTek phones are slower than Qualcomm while getting updating to the Android version.

Well, this is not the case with Android 12 but it has always been and will probably continue. Whatever be the case, smartphone users want to know the reason behind this.

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Moreover, when smartphone manufacturers are yet to arrive at a solution for this shortcoming, Xiaomi‘s Li Ming has now provided an explanation for it.

MediaTek phones are slower than Qualcomm, why?

Li Ming said that Google gives Qualcomm and MediaTek codes to allow the platform to be ready-made. Shortly after Google’s official release, the platform could be quickly distributed to mobile phone manufacturers, who could adapt to a newer version of Android-based on the latest Android package.

Li Ming explained that Qualcomm is led by multiple teams working in parallel and will deliver all series of bottom packages at once. MediaTek is distributed in batches, so some MediaTek platforms are placed in the second or third batch of phone upgrades.

The executive further noted that for mobile phone manufacturers, a batch upgrade is also an inevitable option, which does not have enough manpower to develop at the same time, and avoid facing the same problem to reduce the impact of the problem. Avoiding multiple platforms is involved.

MediaTek phones are slower than Qualcomm

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