New Apple iMac is expected to lead the All-in-one PC market: Report

Apple’s newly launched All-in-one PC is expected to beat HP and take a lead in the market. And this will partly depend on the demand and partly on the impact of the global chip shortage.

Apple’s new iMac may receive the most attention, but it is not the only all-in-one computer available, nor is it the largest seller. HP has previously won this title. According to Digitimes, by the fourth quarter of 2020, HP’s all-in-one sales will be about 8% higher than Apple’s.

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According to reports, this is equivalent to HP sold approximately 925,000 computers during the quarter, while Apple sold 860,000 computers. Apple subsequently introduced a new iMac with a major redesign, so it can be expected to do better.

Digitimes sources also predict that, at least in the next quarter, Apple will surpass HP. However, the global chip shortage is among them.

Digitimes said: “As chip and component suppliers prioritize support for the shipment of high-end products (such as iMac), Apple is likely to surpass HP and become the top all-in-one (AIO) PC brand manufacturer.”

So, for example, HP sells tower PCs, high-performance PCs, and gaming computers, as well as the All-in-One series like iMac. Therefore, if the company shifts its limited supply of processors to other models, it can make fewer all-in-ones.


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