OnePlus 10 Pro Private Safe 2.0 feature

OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13.1 update adds Private Safe 2.0 feature

OxygenOS 13.1 has served many interesting tweaks to the OnePlus 10 Pro devices, and one of them is the Private Safe 2.0 feature. In the latest edition, a user is reporting that the new OxygenOS 13.1 update has silently added the privacy-oriented element to the device.

To those who are unaware, OnePlus 10 Pro recently received the OxygenOS update with a bunch of new improvements. But it looks like there is more to explore with this firmware. While diving into the enhancements, a user found the addition of the Private Safe 2.0 feature for his OnePlus 10 Pro handset.

According to the shared details, the feature was not available on the device. However, with the OxygenOS version, the user found the feature. He believed that one of the mediums to get the Private Safe 2.0 is the updated Gallery APK with the build number 13.5.30_d024784_230413.

Private Safe 2.0

For your information, Private Safe 2.0 enables auto decryption to keep the sharing of data safe and secure. While using an app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the feature implements the ‘Auto Pixelate’ function on private details to avoid the accidental leak of data.

Besides, you have the choice to accept one time, always accept or reject the feature when the application asks for permission. In short, Private Safe 2.0 is a good-to-go element for your OnePlus smartphone and protects your data effectively.

OnePlus 10 Pro Private Safe 2.0 feature

The OnePlus 10 Pro user further attached a video recording to show how the feature works and is compatible with applications. Eventually, it hides names in chat and profile pictures after enabling the Auto Pixelate function. [Check the video HERE.]

Though Private Safe 2.0 is worth praising, it still requires a few improvements. For instance, the OnePlus 10 Pro phone holder noticed that the name has not hidden entirely. Also, the feature rarely misses some usernames and profile pictures which tends you to double-check the information.

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Next, the feature lags in offering an option to automatically hide the phone numbers of members of a WhatsApp group that you did not add to your contacts. Yet, we anticipate that the tech giant will refine these points with the upcoming versions.

OnePlus 10 Pro Private Safe 2.0 feature

OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13.1 update adds Private Safe 2.0 feature

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