5 years old OnePlus 6T running Android 13, thanks to HarmonyOS software

OnePlus 6T Android 13 HarmonyOS

OnePlus 6T has become a constant attraction point for consumers these days due to its HarmonyOS software activities, which has now led to Android 13 support. Yes! OnePlus 6T is finally running on the major Android 13, and a huge credit goes to OpenHarmony.

So far, the 5-year-old device has confirmed that it can efficiently run the HarmonyOS software. Of course, the developer observed a few bugs at the initial point. But the positive side is, the phone still supports the Huawei self-developed operating system on reliable terms.

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As of now, the progress in this concept has resulted in the device supporting both Android 13 and OpenHarmony 4.0 in a dual-boot configuration. Herein, the A slot is Android 13 whereas, the B slot reads the presence of the OpenHarmony 4.0 version.

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Consequently, one can switch between these two major operating systems using the Recovery mode. Notably, OpenHarmony 4.0 has been ported to the device with the help of OpenHarmony 3.2 beta 5. This was the first OS to be tested on the respective device.

Now running as a base, the OpenHarmony 3.2 beta 5 has enabled the handset to run double OS at the same time, conveniently. For your information, OpenHarmony 4.0 is currently the mainline version. However, it is still in the development phase and the community has not pushed a build for testing.

OnePlus 6T Android 13 HarmonyOS

Adding more, the developer sampling the dual OS has captured the progress and flashing of the device in a video. You can check the details and the entire headway HERE.

OnePlus 6T still counts as one of the finest creations in the company. Yet, the end of software support for this smartphone has made users quite disappointed. Meanwhile, the flashing of new software has created several hustles and bustles.

Finally, the old member of the family – the OnePlus 6T is capable to taste the tweaks of Android 13 alongside HarmonyOS software. It would be worth seeing how far the phone can support two distinct operating systems on its surface.


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