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Roblox OnePlus World

OnePlus is making its position among popular smartphone firms like Samsung or Apple. Recently, the company came up with the OnePlus avatar challenge to attract more users by creating different benefits and rewards. Now, this time Roblox is a new OnePlus World that is accessible to all.

Surprisingly, Roblox OnePlus World it’s just a way to approach more people, or in other words, this is definitely a publicity stunt. Talking about the subject, allows you to create a Roblox world where people can participate and interact with others. It was also packed with some mini-games that people could play.

Roblox OnePlus World

Roblox Game called OnePlus World

OnePlus has tied up with a company named House of Transparency. It’s a world-building company, and it appears to be part of the company’s grand plan.” said Denis Krylov, executive producer of Transparency House. “In the end, the decision was made on Roblox. This also means that OnePlus could be one of the next companies to invest in the metaverse.

OnePlus World is a virtual theme park that you can participate in. As you can imagine, you can see the influence of OnePlus throughout this game. The game is set in “a huge mountain tech park along the beach.” People can log in and start searching. It’s a theme park, so it’s an open-world environment where you can move around freely. If you like to play in this OnePlus World, you can play now.

Still chance to win the new OnePlus 10T 5G!

Here are very easy-to-understand steps:

  • Create your own OnePlus avatar
  • You can log in (if you are in India) or subscribe (if you are in EU and NA regions) to create OnePlus Avatar-rated images (you will see your image below)
  • Share your ranked photo on Instagram, follow the @oneplus account and follow the hashtag #OnePlusGetTately.

Well! Users who don’t know, if you don’t have or use an Instagram account, OnePlus is also adding 5 rewards to this thread. Share your ranked avatar image in this thread and tell us a little bit about why you chose that design. Randomly select 5 members from this thread.

And now, here’s my OnePlus Avatar waiting for yours

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