OnePlus theme store development is underway but it is still not confirmed

OnePlus was supposed to launch its own Theme Store along with the Android 12 based OxygenOS 12 update. For its theme store, the company also wants to take reviews and suggestions from the users through its OEF program which it announced earlier

With this open announcement, users seemed excited and now as per the latest info, in its reply on the official forum, the company said that the development of its theme store is underway and is still not confirmed.

This reply leaves a question regarding this theme store. But the themes store is still coming but it might take some time or more. And the team will use OEF to gather insight on what you think about this feature and will put your advice and feedback into consideration.

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The OxygenOS software for OnePlus phones provides some customization features. But according to posts on the manufacturer’s forum, they will get more. Nothing can be said as of now until we get some more official info on this matter and we’ll keep you updated. Here’s what the recent message on the OnePlus forums says:

Hi everyone,

We want to clarify and correct something about the initial post. At this point, the Theme Store feature is still under investigation by the software team and is still not confirmed. The team will use this OEF to gather insights on what you think about this feature and will put your advices and feedback into consideration.

The original post will be edited accordingly.

Thank you.

This is an exciting one for the OnePlus users and if you want to give your opinion for the theme store then you are welcomed. OnePlus will host an “Open Ears” event at 10 am Eastern Time on May 18 (Tuesday) to discuss adding features and collect feedback. Presumably, the company will show some of its designs there, because the image above is what we have to do now.

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