OnePlus 8 July 2023 update

OxygenOS 13.1 adds another set of hidden features for OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11 is the flagship model that recently received the new OxygenOS 13.1 update and its features. While the changelog itself has dynamic additions, some users reported another set of hidden tweaks that appears in the latest Android 13-based firmware.

It is quite interesting, as the device has already gained a variety of useful functions related to the app drawer in the previous upgrade. However, the company has served some more features to the OnePlus 11 phone holders with the magical OxygenOS 13.1 version.

Eventually, a OnePlus 11 smartphone user entered the community forum and described major changes in his device after the new update. To be specific, the changelog doesn’t mention these points. Hence, it is important to look after these new additions.

To begin with, the consumers say that there are new features in terms of gestures and system apps. The list begins with the sensitivity controls in the Gesture section. If you experience a lot of mistouches or conflict with in-app gestures, you can adjust the sensitivity level accordingly.

OnePlus 11 OxygenOS 13.1 features

Next, there is a new option called the Multi-Screen Connect feature which is mainly present in OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Pad. As the name reflects, your device will automatically connect to nearby devices signed in to the same account. This auto connection is only available on devices running OxygenOS 13.1 or later versions.

OnePlus 11 OxygenOS 13.1 features

Another addition is the Preserve Settings in the camera section. This feature saves your previous settings. For example, if your shift ISO is in Pro mode, it will save those settings even if you exit the application. The same is applicable to other modes as well.

Last but not least, the update adds a Hasselblad watermark that makes can be shifted, placed, or removed from the image as per your accordance. What else? Well, the May 2023 patch has also made its way to your handset with several improvements for the security system.

OnePlus 11 OxygenOS 13.1 features

Other than that, the update has a bunch of good fixes which you can read below.

OxygenOS 13.1 Fixes for OnePlus 11

  • Improves touch response, scrolling speed, and animations (they are way better than before).
  • Unusual lags in the Settings app and YouTube videos have been fixed.
  • The System Apps refresh rated locked at 60Hz doesn’t trouble users anymore.
  • The Gallery app now runs at 120Hz. However, YouTube remains the same.
  • Network connectivity is better.
  • Contextual information of music control in AOD had “//” as the mentioned symbol after the text. Now there’s no such typo.
  • Swipe left/right to remove the notification that is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where music used to play on a Bluetooth headset even after changing it to the speaker.
  • Fixed the issue where even after changing the background, the color used to remain the same on the screen until users apply the previous wallpaper.

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If you are concerned with performance, then the device delivers efficiency in terms of scrolling and touch responsiveness. Thus, the update is good in all segments and you must install it.

OxygenOS 13.1 adds another set of hidden features for OnePlus 11

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