OxygenOS 14 full-screen notifications

OxygenOS 14 may allow you to block apps using full-screen notifications

OxygenOS 14 is the next major upgrade that will bring useful features on board, and one of them could be the full-screen notifications. This prominent feature can enable you to block or disable full-screen alerts from applications effectively.

According to the Android expert Mishaal Rahmaan, Android 14 first beta unlocks a new setting that can easily stop apps from sending full-screen alerts on your phone’s screen. This feature resides in the ‘Special App Access’ section in the Settings menu, named ‘manage full-screen intents’.

Ahead, applications that access full-screen notifications will appear on this page with the allowed option as default. However, you can change the setting for the respective app to revert to an alert.

Enabling this function will allow you to grant or deny apps for the ability to display notification content in a full-screen view. For instance, annoying alarms, meeting reminders, calls, and more.

Since the full-screen notifications feature has made its way to Android 14, we can consider experiencing it in OxygenOS 14 as well. Consequently, this addition will bring more control over apps and let you decide how far they should interrupt your phone’s screen.

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Notably, the feature works efficiently on the lock screen as well. Hence, it would be a worthy implementation for those OnePlus users who have been demanding new improvements and tweaks for the app’s notification segment.

OxygenOS 14 full-screen notifications

OxygenOS 14 may allow you to block apps using full-screen notifications

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