Qualcomm launched 315 5G dedicated IoT modem that can switch to LTE network

Qualcomm Technology and Cooperation Summit, Qualcomm launched its first dedicated IoT modem solution that supports 5G connections. Thanks to a smaller footprint and highly integrated RF front-end, this solution expands Qualcomm’s product portfolio and aims to provide a pin-compatible solution for existing LTE conventional modules without the need to change existing hardware.

It can be upgraded to minimize the development work and cost and support the module to upgrade from LTE to 5G more conveniently. Qualcomm said that the Qualcomm 315 5G Internet of Things modem fully considers the needs of industrial and enterprise applications at the beginning of its design. It has the characteristics of gigabit performance, low power consumption, and efficient heat dissipation.

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It supports the global 5G NR Sub-6GHz frequency band and supports independent networking. SA mode operation can switch to LTE network on demand, at the same time, it supports the use of network slicing technology, or the use of isolated deployment solutions, and supports 5G enterprise private network or public 5G network deployment.

At the same time, the solution can also seamlessly integrate existing Ethernet and wired technologies to support longer software and hardware maintenance and support cycles.

The new solution mainly meets the needs of industrial and enterprise applications including retail, energy, automation and manufacturing, precision agriculture, construction, mining, and public venues.

It faces the high-end market and complements the company’s existing LTE IoT product portfolio, and provides an industrial layout for Qualcomm. Lay the foundation in the field of the Internet of Things. It is reported that the Qualcomm 315 5G Internet of Things modem is expected to be commercially available in the second half of 2021.

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