Xiaomi MIUI 13 Features: RAM expansion, floating widgets, optimized dark mode and more

MIUI 13 release

Android 12 is now official. Currently, Xiaomi is testing Android 12 in its smartphones that run MIUI 12.5 operating system. But Xiaomi fans have started looking forward to MIUI 13 that will carry many new features with Android 12 support.

Previously, we have been reported that unlike the older versions of MIUI that are based on at least two Android versions, MIUI 13 will completely be different. It will only be based on the Android 12 operating system. Well, the Chinese tech giant has started building stable MIUI 13 for the devices running on Android 12.

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Anyways, we have heard several leaks and rumors about the new-gen MIUI. On this basis, we have covered a list of features that MIUI 13 will carry.

MIUI 13 Features (November 27, 2021)

  • Redesigned MIUI:

The most significant changes over the current MIUI 12 would be in the design and looks. The MIUI 13 will reportedly come with new animations and fonts. It will also have redesigned app icons and fresh wallpapers.

  • Floating Widgets:

A leaked screenshot reveals that MIUI 13 will feature floating widgets. You can select your favorite widgets to be floating on top of any application, with a minimized feature that turns your floating widget into a floating icon.

MIUI 13 Feature

  • Optimized Dark Mode:

This optimized dark mode will avoid being applied in applications that have their own dark mode, it will deactivate itself completely on detection of such apps. Therefore, color conflicts that would not allow us to see the interface correctly would be avoided.

  • RAM Expansion Feature:

Xiaomi is currently testing the memory expansion and AI subtitle function of MIUI 13 for all of its eligible devices. Also, there are new interactions in the small window that will make it better. After the function is turned on, the system will provide an additional 3.0GB of running memory.

MIUI 13 Feature

  • More responsive notifications:

MIUI 13’s restriction on notification trampolines will help reduce latency for apps starting from a notification.

  • Faster machine learning:

The new version will help you make the most of ML accelerators and always get the best possible performance through the Neural Networks API.

  • New Visual Design:

The homepage can be customized. Adding to documents, pictures, videos, music, compressed packages, installation packages, transmission, and downloads, users can also place screenshots, cameras, WeChat, Baidu Cloud, and other folders on the homepage for more direct access.

MIUI 13 Feature

  • Privacy Dashboard:

A new dashboard in Settings may give users better visibility over when their app accesses microphone, camera, and location data.

  • Support for rounded screen corners:

Many modern devices use screens with rounded corners. To deliver a great UX on these devices, you can use new APIs to query for corner details and then manage your UI elements as needed.

  • Easier blurs, color filters, and others:

New APIs make it easier to apply common graphics effects to your Views and rendering hierarchies. You can use RenderEffect to apply blurs, color filters, and more to RenderNodes or Views.

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