Realme UI and Android 10 – Latest News, Eligible Devices, Release Date, and Features

Realme has unveiled the all-new customized user interface, Realme UI based on Android 10. According to the company, the new UI will offer smooth performance, elegant visuals, useful features, and is well-built for an enhanced and closer to stock Android experience. The company recently started rolling out the Realme UI 1.0 update.

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Latest News:

February 25, 2020: Realme UI update for Realme X delayed due to fingerprint issues

Realme was going to start the Realme UI update rollout to more Realme X users from today, February 25. Well, it is not going to happen. According to an official statement, the Realme UI update may delay due to fingerprint issues. This is applicable for Realme X users in China, but probably in India too.

February 7, 2020: Realme UI coming to Realme 5 Pro/Realme Q on February 14 for early adopters in China

According to the Realme support, the Realme UI rollout for the Realme 5 Pro (aka Realme Q in China) will begin on February 14 for early adopters in China. According to the official roadmap, the Realme 5 Pro will get the Realme UI update this month in India.

February 7, 2020: Android 10 coming to Realme X this month

Realme X Realme UI – Realme Mobiles Product Manager Nidhi Bhatia confirmed (on Twitter) that the Realme UI will be released later this month, but she didn’t confirm a specific date.

Eligible Devices and Release Date:

January 2020

February 2020

  • realme X
  • realme 5 Pro

March 2020

  • realme X2
  • realme X2 Pro

April 2020

  • realme 3
  • realme 3i

May 2020

  • realme 5
  • realme 5s

June 2020

  • realme 2 Pro

Q3 2020

  • realme C2

Here is a list of features of Realme UI:

  • Revamped UI:

The entire UI gets an overhaul with realme UI update, the notification shade, quick settings tiles, settings app or about phone page, realme has tried creating a young and dynamic UI.

  • Customizable Icon Style:

realme UI will bring an option to customize the Icon size and style. Apart from it, users will also be able to choose icon shapes such as Square, Circle, Squircle, etc, similar to what we have seen with stock Android 10.

  • Animated Wallpapers:

realme has introduced Animated Wallpapers with realme UI, there are plenty of wallpapers to choose from.

  • Dual Earphone Connection:

Dual Earphone connection feature makes it to realme devices with realme UI. Users will be able to use wired, wireless Bluetooth earphones at the same time. Using this feature, Bluetooth and Wired earphones can receive the same media audio but calls will be diverted to the Bluetooth earphones. It also added equalizer support to Bluetooth devices.

  • Personal Information Protection:

This option will restrict other apps to read Call History, Contacts, Messages, and other data.

  • Focus Mode:

It will keep users isolated from the world, and it will simultaneously play some relaxing music to help users concentrate without any interruption as it will also turn on do not disturb mode and prevent new notifications. Users can choose between four built-in tunes, ambient noise, wheat field, waves and summer night as per their liking.

  • Dark Mode:

With realme UI, the system-wide dark mode comes out of the realme laboratory, is more refined with a new eye care option that turns on dark mode with sunset. Users also have an option to apply dark mode to selected third-party apps.

  • Screen Recording with Internal Audio Recording:

The much-awaited feature makes it ways to realme devices with Android 10 based realme UI.

  • Smart Sidebar:

realme users can add shortcuts for various actions as well as apps to the sidebar, users can launch an app it in split-screen mode, and some applications can be opened in a floating window directly from the sidebar.

  • Floating Calculator:

realme UI brings the calculator app in a floating window. Users can adjust the size as well as transparency of the floating calculator.

  • Screen-Off Display:

The screen-off display is basically always-on display feature. It will show users notifications, time and battery details when the display is turned off, users can choose what all information such as a clock, date, battery, notifications do they want to see on the lock screen.

Screen-off display and screen light effects options will be available only on devices that feature AMOLED display such as realme X, realme XT, realme X2, and realme X2 Pro.

  • Screen Light Effects:

Users can turn on Screen Light Effects for incoming calls and lock screen notifications. Users can choose from three different lighting effects: Neon Purple, Ocean Blue, and Amber Orange.

  • Miscellaneous Stuff:

realme has also introduced new charging animation, customizable camera watermark and smart power saver mode with realme UI.

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