Samsung helping Comcast to enhance 5G network in the US

Samsung Comcast enhance 5G network

Samsung has officially announced that it is working with Comcast to enhance 5G network connectivity for Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile customers in the United States.

According to the information, the Korean tech giant will supply 5G RAN solutions to Comcast’s efforts to provide 5G access to consumer and business customers in the US with the help of civilian broadband radio service (CBRS) and 600 MHz of spectrum.


The official further said that Comcast and Xfinity Mobile will use Samsung’s CBRS and 600MHz radios, baseband units, and the new CBRS 5G Strand Small Cell, which Comcast’s aerial cable lines can deploy.

Because of a new compact and lightweight small cell product, cable operators such as Comcast can more easily and cost-effectively provide 5G cellular connectivity by leveraging their existing DOCSIS infrastructure without having to build or acquire additional cell sites.

Samsung Comcast enhance 5G network

Comcast’s mid-band (CBRS) and low-band (600 MHz) spectrum allow the company to supplement its existing Xfinity WiFi network and additional 5G due to the rapid growth of demand for reliable Internet access in and out of the home and office.

Samsung and Comcast are conducting field trials of their new and enhance 5G network solution and are currently expanding these trials to include Comcast employee testing.

Furthermore, Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business mobile services are built at the core of the experience with the Internet for the way people use mobile today. While calls and texts are free on the service, customers can experience the freedom by paying $15 for 1GB, $30 for 3GB, or $60 for 10GB, or by going unlimited at $45 for one line or $30/line for two to four lines.

For more information, visit Samsung Newsroom.

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