Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro series goes official with plenty of futuristic offerings

Samsung held the Galaxy Unpacked event today and launched the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 laptops. These innovative laptops are based on the enhanced Galaxy ecosystem and can work seamlessly with your other Galaxy and IoT devices, making cross-device entertainment and workflow smoother.

The company has a major collaboration with industry-leading partners Intel and Microsoft on the Galaxy Book Pro series to develop a new mobile computing method. As a result, smartphones and PCs work perfectly together between operating systems, and never sacrifice performance to improve portability.

Mobile Inspired Design

Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Galaxy Book Pro are designed to meet the needs and conventions of modern mobile-first users, thus making their daily experience smoother, simpler, and intuitive than ever before. Surprisingly, the 13-inch Galaxy Book Pro weighs only 0.87 kg and is only 11.2 mm thick, which allows users to pack a wallet or handbag without making any trade-offs. It is not only durable but also made of 6000 series aluminum, which has military-grade durability.

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You can also turn any location into a mobile office, conference room or theater without any interference. In addition, the Galaxy Book Pro series supports Wi-Fi 6E, allowing you to enjoy more bandwidth and a faster 6GHz Internet connection at home or in the office.

Galaxy Book Pro series notebook computers are equipped with long-lasting batteries so that users can complete tasks without worrying about battery charging. At the same time, these powerful laptops support 65W fast charging, so you can use the USB Type-C adapter to quickly add devices.

Immersive Super AMOLED Display

Galaxy Book Pro series notebook computers are Samsung’s first Windows PC equipped with a Super AMOLED display. In addition, the monitor is SGS8 certified by Eye Care, and it emits less blue light than standard LCDs, which can help you keep your eyes fresh when you overeating next time after work.

The intelligent color engine will automatically repair your color space according to the task at hand, movies and games appear vivid in the DCI-P3 or AMOLED native color profile. For tasks such as photo editing, where you want your photos to come to life, the Galaxy Book Pro series will automatically optimize the colors.

AKG speakers emit clear sound, combining all these beautiful contents. By turning on Dolby Atmos, you can experience a more immersive sound.

Hardware And Performance

The Galaxy Book Pro series is supported by next-generation hardware, including 11th-generation Intel Core processors and Intel IREX graphics. The Galaxy Book Pro series has been verified by the Intel Evo platform, showing that it is proven in industry-leading power, immersive graphics, unparalleled connectivity, and long-lasting battery life.

The excellent performance manager can also flexibly adapt to your computer location, environment, and system load. Automatically adjust fan noise, temperature, and battery usage, it will balance performance and power consumption to provide a seamless experience that lasts all day, allowing you to easily do goodbye and multitasking.

The Galaxy Book Pro series has an enhanced display function that can make daily tasks more efficient and interesting. The redesigned Pro keyboard includes a scissor mechanism that improves speed and comfort through wider keys and rubber particles and provides a satisfactory 1mm stroke in almost quiet conditions.

The keyboard is paired with a 23% larger touchpad, giving you more space to scroll through the website or pinch to zoom in on detailed information. Quick search software can quickly search for keywords in the document, so you can reduce the time of browsing folders.

Using Studio mode, you can enjoy the video call environment, regardless of the settings, can help you perform any operations you need. Intelligent noise reduction technology can eliminate the clearly visible microphone environment noise. With Screen Recorder and Samsung Studio Plus, you can also record the screen in combination with sound, and modify the video with easy-to-edit tools to create the next virus game tutorial.

Galaxy Book Pro 360 is equipped with an upgraded S Pen (currently 2.5 times thicker than 13), which provides a more realistic writing experience. This user’s favorite tool is perfect for taking notes in important meetings or classes, or for being creative when you use it randomly.

The pre-loaded clips can be freely sketched in Studio Paint. The studio provides professional-style brush options that can simulate real-world creations, or create time-lapse videos of the latest sketches, and share them with the producer community through PENUP.

The Center of Your Mobile Ecosystem

The Galaxy Book Pro series can be easily used with other Galaxy devices to increase productivity and efficiency. The second screen allows you to expand the display content in the “Galaxy” tab, making it easier to perform multitasking through the “copy” and “extended” modes and increase productivity.

By linking to the integration of Windows and Microsoft Your Phone, you can answer calls, view notifications, use photos, messages, and five applications on your smartphone directly from your desktop. It can be run to keep the process going smoothly. You can collect all photos in one place on all devices.

Get “super slow motion” or “single access” content from your Galaxy smartphone and watch it on the big screen of the Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Pro 360. Same format as Galaxy smartphones.

Now, Galaxy devices are more closely connected in the ecosystem. The convenient Bluetooth connection instantly connects your Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy Book Pro series, so you don’t have to change Bluetooth settings back and forth between devices. With the Galaxy Book Smart Switch, you can transfer your favorite photos, movies, files, applications, and even settings from your existing Windows PC to the Galaxy Book Pro series so that you can recreate and connect faster.

Quickly Share

The “Quick Sharing” of the “Galaxy Book Pro” series allows you to share content between Galaxy devices or with classmates and colleagues with just a few clicks. You can drag and drop multiple files and content between your Galaxy Book and Galaxy smartphone with just a near-instant transfer. In addition, with Samsung Notes that automatically syncs between Galaxy devices, you can write down an idea and view it on any other device when you have creative inspiration.

The “Quick Sharing” of the “Galaxy Book Pro” series allows you to share content between Galaxy devices or classmates and colleagues with just a few clicks. You can drag and drop multiple files and content between Galaxy Book and Galaxy smartphone. In addition, with Samsung Note that automatically syncs between Galaxy devices, you can write ideas and watch them on another device, which is a creative inspiration.

SmartThings Find

By seamlessly integrating SmartThings, the Galaxy Book Pro series has also become the ultimate smart home center. By integrating the SmartThings app into the Galaxy Book Pro series of PCs for the first time, you can turn off the lights on the sofa, change the temperature, and even turn on kitchen appliances.

With SmartThings Find, you can quickly find a Galaxy smartphone, tablet, or wearable device with Bluetooth functionality without worrying about losing the device again. Through complete Samsung Galaxy ecosystem integration, the Galaxy Book Pro series has now become the ultimate link between devices, thus fully connecting your digital world.


Galaxy Book Pro 360 will provide Mystic Navy, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze color options. On the other hand, Galaxy Book Pro will provide Mystery Blue, Mystery Silver, and Mystery Pink Gold.


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