Sony will hold PS5 launch event in China on May 15

The Sony PS5 China launch celebration will be held on May 15 at the Shanghai West Coast Art Center. This event will invite 600 players to the site, the duration is from 16:00 to 21:00, and the appointment will be opened in 3 sessions.

Up to now, all 400 spots for the 4 pm and 5 pm shows have been reserved. At 12:00 noon on May 8th, 200 reserved spots for the 6 pm show will be open. Follow Weibo @PlayStation China to scan the Poster QR code to participate.

The National Bank version of the Sony PlayStation 5 game console will be officially released on May 15th. The suggested retail price of the digital version is 3,099 yuan, and the retail price of the Blu-ray drive version is 3,899 yuan. At the press conference, Sony also announced a series of games, including “Spiderman Miles Morales”, “Azabuzai Adventure”, “Original God” and so on.

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This series of mainframes are equipped with AMD custom 8-core Zen 2 CPU 3.5GHz (supporting frequency conversion), supplemented by a custom version of RDNA2 architecture AMD GPU, the frequency is up to 2.23GHz, supports 10.28 trillion floating-point operations per second, supports 4K 120Hz output, 3D Sound effects, etc.

The product has a top SSD and supports backward compatibility with PS4 games. In addition, Sony also announced the price of accessories:

As of now, the first batch of Sony PS5 products from the National Bank has been sold out, and the official said that the products are expected to start shipping at midnight on May 15.

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