The explosive growth of consumer broadband Internet traffic is coming to an end: Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics Service Provider Strategy (SPS) Service recently released a research report “Has the growth of fixed-line broadband traffic slowed down?” It is found that the explosive growth of consumer broadband Internet traffic is coming to an end.

It is estimated that between 2018-2028, the annual growth rate of consumer broadband Internet traffic will drop by 82%. Dan Grossman, the senior analyst at Strategy Analytics and author of the report, said: “There is no doubt that the rate of traffic growth is declining.

After all, nothing will keep growing. The growth of broadband Internet traffic is driven by a number of phenomena, most recently due to streaming video.

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As consumers become saturated, we currently do not see another driving force that can replace it, not 4K (UHD) or 8K (UHD2) video, not augmented reality, not virtual reality. Not streaming media or games Computers are not smart homes. Broadband Internet is a mature business, so the industry must plan for this.”

Phil Kendall, Service Director of Strategy Analytics, said: “We have little evidence that in the next 10 years, a large number of consumers may require speeds of more than 100-300 Mbps. There are many service providers who need to provide higher headline rates.

Reasons, but the days of prioritizing investments in “speed and feed” are coming to an end, instead of focusing on the needs of latency, reliability and customer service as an important factor of differentiation.”

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