Xiaomi introduces Loop LiquidCool technology for smartphone cooling

Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology

On November 5, Xiaomi introduced its latest breakthrough in heat dissipation, known as Loop LiquidCool Technology. As we know nowadays high-end phones come with powerful internals, however, in order to ensure their smoothness, a company has to take care of its heat dissipation as well.

Xiaomi aims to bring Loop LiquidCool Technology to its products in the second half of 2022. Anyways, let’s have a look at the details of Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology.


Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology

The cooling solutions used in the aerospace industry inspire the new Loop LiquidCool technology. Xiaomi says it uses a capillary effect that draws a liquid cooling agent up to a heat source, vaporizes, and then efficiently dissipates the heat toward a cooler area until the agent condenses and is captured through a unidirectional closed-loop channel.

When compared to traditional vapor chamber solutions, this new technology has twice the cooling efficiency and ranks as the most efficient smartphone cooling solution.

It has an annual heat pipe system composed of an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber, as well as gas and liquid pipes. Placed over sources of heat, the evaporator contains a refrigerant that evaporates into a gas when the smartphone is under high workload.

The gas and airflow then expand into the condenser, where the gas condenses again into a liquid. These fluids are absorbed and collected through tiny fibers in the refill chamber – which refill the evaporator – making it a self-sustaining system.

Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology

Furthermore, this new technology utilizes VC liquid cooling, the new form factor creating a significant efficiency variation. In a traditional VC system, there are no separate channels for gas and liquid, hot gas and cold liquid, mixing and obstructing each other, especially during high workloads.

At the same time, due to the special steam pipe design, the ring-shaped cooling pump reduces the airway resistance by 30%, and the steam flow is smooth, which can realize directional heat transfer at the end of the cold and Can increase the maximum heat transfer power by 100%.

One-way circulation is key to heat dissipation

The Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology adds a Tesla valve, which is a one-way valve, allowing liquid to pass through the evaporator while blocking gases from going in the wrong direction. This supports high efficiency in gas/liquid circulation throughout the system.

Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology

On a custom Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, the heat dissipation part was replaced with a ring-shaped cold pump, and “Yuan Shen” was used for 30-minute testing.

It can run continuously at the full-frame at 60fps and the highest body temperature is 47.7 °C, which is 5 °C lower than the maximum temperature of a typical Snapdragon 888 mobile phone, and an even better frame rate. There is also heating performance compared to gaming phones.

The shape of Xiaomi’s self-developed annular cold pump can be freer, and almost any shape inside the fuselage can be realized. This is because of the one-way heat flow, vapor-liquid separation, and low resistance steam channel design brought by the Tesla valve.

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