Xiaomi MIUI 12 Features: Dark Mode 2.0, New Animations, Sleep Tracker, Live Wallpapers, AOD, and More

On April 27, Xiaomi officially announced the MIUI 12, which has been upgraded in animation effects, super wallpapers, privacy protection, multi-tasking, sports health, etc.

Xiaomi already completed the MIUI 12 rollout for the second batch and the third batch devices are lining up for the MIUI 12 update. The company is going to roll out the update to more phones in the coming weeks.

Let us know more about all the new features of MIUI 12.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 features:

  • Dark Mode 2.0
  • New animations
  • Navigation gestures
  • Cleaner UI
  • AOD and Super wallpapers
  • AI Calling
  • Fitness features
  • Inbuilt sleep tracker
  • Multi-window and Picture-in-picture
  • Privacy features

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MIUI 12 Feature: Dark Mode 2.0

It brings the Dark Mode 2.0 feature for the Xiaomi phones. It provides enhanced dark modes features such as wallpaper dimming, font-weight adjustment, and font contrast adjustment.

For easy readability and usage, it will adjust (increased or decreased) the wallpaper brightness, font size, as well as the contrast as per the light and dark themes on the smartphone.

MIUI 12 Feature: New animations

MIUI 12 brings a new animation, Xiaomi says these animations are on par with the smooth transition in iOS. Every notification has changed including weather changing displayed in the form of a time-lapse video. Additionally, app icon animations, opening/closing apps, screen rotation, and a lot of functions.

MIUI 12 Feature: Navigation gestures

The new and improved Navigation Gestures has the ability to drag down the notification panel and see notifications while doing other tasks and creating a small window of the notification panel.

MIUI 12 Feature: Cleaner UI

Xiaomi has introduced Sensory Visual Design, which allows you to see the smartphone information in the Settings with visuals and graphs. This way, it will get easier for users to look for the device’s details. The company is calling this the new Sensory Visual Design.

MIUI 12 Feature: AOD and Super Wallpapers

Xiaomi has introduced AOD and Super Wallpapers that include 3D visuals of Earth and Sun. You will be able to set these Super Wallpapers on both your locked and unlocked phone screens. If the dark mode is turned on, the planet picked for the wallpaper will also enter night time.

MIUI 12 Feature: AI Calling

With MIUI 12, Xiaomi has officially upgraded the AI phone assistant to a feature called “AI Calling.” With it, users will be able to customize the language in which they want their calls to be answered.

The feature is mainly designed for people with hearing impairment and will transcribe the whole conversation. It will provide users with AI-enabled responses for easy conversations. They will also be able to switch between automatic or manual call answering.

MIUI 12 Feature: Fitness features

Xiaomi says the fitness feature is 96% as accurate as of the Apple Watch. The inbuilt gyroscope can be used to record footsteps and exercises including running, walking, cycling, and stair-climbing throughout the day.

MIUI 12 Feature: Inbuilt Sleep Tracker

With MIUI 12, the company added a sleep tracker that will monitor your movements to determine the quality of sleep. It will also record the duration of your REM sleep.

MIUI 12 Feature: Multi-window and Picture-in-picture

MIUI 12 gets new options for multi-windows for better multitasking. It also gets floating chat windows for full-screen apps.

MIUI 12 Feature: Privacy features

MIUI 12 has new privacy-focused features which are called Flare, Barbed Wire, and Mask System.

  • Flare will keep a record of all the permissions and sensitive information accessed by any specific app.
  • Barbed feature works like the location permission in Android. it will ask you to allow for location permission once, always, or only while using, much like iOS.
  • The Mask System will prevent untrusted apps from accessing crucial information like contacts, calendar, call logs, IMEI, etc. It also allows you to create a different virtual identity so that such apps can be befooled.

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