Xiaomi MIUI 13 vs MIUI 14: User Interface

MIUI 13 MIUI 14 user interface

Xiaomi MIUI 14 is magnifying its various Mi, Redmi, and POCO devices with its significant functionalities and a reimagined user interface, which is more intuitive than the MIUI 13 software. This article will show you all the changes that the new custom skin brings to your home screen.

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No doubt, MIUI 13 was the renowned software, but this MIUI 14 is more accurate as it brings various advancements to the user interface. The Chinese tech firm has also shared the release schedule of MIUI 14, which has given a shy of relief to some users and others are disappointed as well.

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MIUI 13 MIUI 14 user interface

Xiaomi MIUI 13

MIUI 13 software offered users a revamped UI design that includes a unique OS experience achieved via widgets, new Dynamic Wallpapers, and a new font called MiSans. The dynamic wallpapers are designed in a way, where flowers bloom from one side of the device’s screen when the device is turned on.

The MiSans font was aimed at simplifying letters, numbers, and signs. These fonts are symmetrical in terms of spacing and the appearance of characters, making the overall appearance of the software more aesthetically pleasing and reader-friendly. Hence, the MIUI 13 user interface was acceptable.


Xiaomi MIUI 14

With MIUI 14, users can customize their home screens in a more appropriate way with a new set of wallpapers, tabular icons, large folders, and new widgets. This new version of MIUI is more efficient and gives your home screen an intuitive design which makes the user experience more pleasing. 

MIUI 14, Introduces a card-style design on your display, which will help to present your information more efficiently, just like Post-it notes but only more organized. Furthermore, the large folder will let you perform your task with a single click and without launching a complete application. 

Other than these, it too added new notification settings, which will let you block third-party apps notification permanently, in order to provide a clean and clear look. The settings menu interface has also gets modified and now looks more precise and suitable.

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