OnePlus Nord 2T stable OxygenOS 13 update causes strange ringtone issue

OnePlus Nord 2T ringtone issue

OnePlus Nord 2T smartphone users recently gained the benefits of the stable OxygenOS 13 update, but sadly, the iteration has resulted in a strange ringtone issue. As per the latest input, a user reported that a weird ringtone bug is emerging frequently after the fresh firmware installation.

Accordingly, the OnePlus Nord 2T user says that he observed a weird ringtone issue in the OxygenOS 13 upgrade. While using the device normally, the phone automatically starts ringing.

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Shockingly, the issue emerges even without any notifications of apps or calls on the device. Notably, the user mentioned that his Nord 2T was working perfectly before the stable OxygenOS 13 build. However, the issue arrived after the update facility.

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To clarify the issue, the Nord 2T phone owner penned down that neither there was any application running in the background, nor any calls or messages had been received at that time.

“I was using my device normally, suddenly I did notice a ringtone automatically started ringing in my phone without any notification or call or SMS or any notification from any kind of app. It just started ringing randomly.”

OnePlus Nord 2T ringtone issue

Adding some more points to the issue matter, another Nord 2T user posted a huge list of problems that he noticed with the latest OxygenOS 13 update. This catalog includes almost every section of the device which is not working efficiently.

  • USB OTG connection doesn’t show notifications at all
  • Double Tap to Wake works intermittently
  • Horizon lights not working appropriately
  • HDR Playback still not supported
  • The incoming call bug is not fixed yet, when the screen is off
  • Auto brightness adjusts to low even when brightness is required
  • Gyroscope calibration is not functioning properly and is not stable while playing games
  • 90Hz doesn’t work in most third-party apps, nor games while other devices work flawlessly
  • The camera still has not improved
  • Optimization is not good, the phone heats a lot within a short period while normal gaming
  • The screen automatically turns off while watching videos
  • Network problem: automatically the data and signal turn off, and takes time to activate
  • The battery draining issue is still the same.

That’s a huge list to resolve. But something more significant is, how many of you are facing any of these defects in your OnePlus Nord 2T handsets. Let us know the issue in the comment section.

OnePlus Nord 2T ringtone issue


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