Xiaomi MIUI 14: Customized Notifications

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Notifications

Xiaomi MIUI 14 offers a bundle of new features and optimization options for users, including customized notifications. With the help of this new offering, you can shake off the disruptions of redundant notifications and focus on what matters to you.

With Xiaomi MIUI 14 operating system, notifications didn’t remain permanent. If you do not need them anymore, you can close them forever. This will help you to save the phone’s battery and make the user interface more cleaner and personalized.

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Our smartphone contains a number of applications, which delivers several notifications and this leads our device towards the lacking. Thus, we get irritated with such useless notifications and want them to be closed permanently, here is what this new MIUI 14 feature helps.

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With the help of MIUI 14, you can manage permanent notifications of 3rd party apps more effectively. It means, you can restrict some applications from sending notifications to your device, which you don’t feel useful, and can allow the one which is important to you.

 Xiaomi MIUI 14 Notifications

This will help you to get a more uncluttered look at your device and you will be able to find your substantial notifications in an easy and quick way. Consequently, the feature of removing permanent notifications is only available to 3rd party applications.

Notifications are necessary, as long as they are sent from the right apps and are useful to us. Unnecessary notifications only make our devices less efficient. Therefore, Xiaomi’s latest custom Android skin also offers a feature for the automatic compression of apps that are not frequently used, which can help free up storage space.

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