Xiaomi MIUI 14 Reimagined Home screen will give your device intuitive look

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Reimagined home screen

Xiaomi MIUI 14 is now official globally, which comes with the purpose to give your smartphone a more intuitive look and feel, with the help of Reimagined Home screen. Now, you will get a more flexible and intuitive design with a personal and more efficient look.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 offers you a new reimagined Home screen, which will help you to arrange your Mi, Redmi, and POCO smartphone’s home screen in your own way. It means, now you have the option to customize the interface of your phone according to your choice and preference.

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This redesigned home screen offers you various options like tabular icons, big folders, new widgets, wallpapers, and more. This will let you modify the user interface more beautifully. Consequently, not only styling, but it will also make it look clearer and easier for your everyday use.

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A new version of MIUI also presents a card-style design for your display, which will help the users to present your information more efficiently. Everyone wants to give their smartphone a unique look, which gives them a soothing look and easy access to the elements. 

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Reimagined home screen

Notably, the Xiaomi devices already have a great user interface but with the new version, Xiaomi has made some more enhancements. Now with the help of this reimagined home screen, you will be able to make your Xiaomi device more interactive and easy to access –

Reimagined Home screen features

Tabular icons – MIUI 14 new user interface offers you tabular icons, which will make your work more efficient and typing fast.

Big folders – Now after upgrading your device to the latest version, users will notice large folder on their home screen. It will make your interface look clear and easy to access.

New widgets – MIUI 14 adds more widgets to the home screen. These widgets are very useful factors for any device, they let you access particular information just with one glance, without opening the application.

Wallpapers – Everyone knows about wallpapers, now with MIUI 14, you will be able to add more wallpapers to your smartphone. It will let the home screen of your device look more efficient and elegant.

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