Arm-based notebook processor revenue set to rise more than three times in 2021

Strategy Analytics published a report saying that in 2021, the revenue of Arm notebook processors will increase more than three times. Apple, MediaTek, and Qualcomm will occupy the largest revenue share of the Arm notebook processor market in 2021.

Moreover, the report points out that Arm-based notebook processor market revenue has grown by 9 times in 2020, and will increase by more than 3 times by 2021, reaching US$ 949 million.

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In addition, from the view of shipments, Arm-based notebook computer processor shipments will more than triple in 2021, considering more than 10% of the total notebook computer processor shipments.

Strategy Analytics said that Apple and MediaTek have seized the opportunity in the Arm notebook processor market. Driven by Apple’s Silicon M1, Apple will account for nearly 80% of its revenue share in 2021. MediaTek ranked second, recognition of its early leadership in the Arm-based Chromebook PC processor market.

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