Ford launched F-150 Lighting Pro electric pickup truck starting at US$39,974

Following the full debut of the F-150 Lightning last week, Ford Motor released the F-150 Lightning Pro electric pickup overseas on Monday. The car is built for commercial customers and starts at US$39,974.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is specially built for commercial customers. Compared with Ford F-150 Lightning, the Pro version pays more attention to practicality in design. For example, a full-size spare tire is added to the bottom of the cargo compartment, and the interior is relatively simple. Built-in SYNC4 car machine system.

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In terms of endurance, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro standard endurance version has a range of 230 miles (approximately 370 kilometers), and the long endurance version has a range of 300 miles (approximately 482 kilometers).

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro has begun to accept pre-orders and is expected to be launched on the market in 2022. The version with standard battery life before the subsidy starts at USD 39,974 (approximately RMB 257,000), and the version with long battery life before the subsidy starts at USD 49,974 (approximately RMB 321,300).

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