Nokia network slicing Android 14

Nokia unveils on-demand 5G network slicing for Android 14

Nokia is bringing on-demand 5G network slicing on board for Android 14. The ultimate technology will help the tech maker to boost the consumer experience and deliver a “better than before” network performance around the world.

Recently, Nokia announced that it has successfully developed an innovative solution that will allow users to buy and further activate network slices from their operators. This efficient step will offer an improved network experience to users.

Eventually, one would be able to experience a wide range of applications such as gaming, streaming, broadcasting, and social media. Meanwhile, operators can cast 5G services by providing premium network slices that can be purchased in selected areas based on users’ demand.

In short, Nokia 5G network slicing for Android 14 will work in the following ways:

  • The new solution enables Android smartphone users to activate a network slice on-demand in real-time boosting network performance and latency across different apps such as high-quality streaming and gaming.
  • Enables operators to create new 5G services based on new network slicing capabilities on Android 14 release devices and Nokia’s 5G networks.

Here is what the Head of Strategy and Technology at Nokia Mobile Networks said:

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“This trial of the on-demand slicing solution for Android smartphone users is yet another step in our desire to support new monetization opportunities for our operator partners. For mobile operators, slicing unlocks new 5G businesses and provides premium services with enhanced customer experience”

Nokia network slicing Android 14


Nokia unveils on-demand 5G network slicing for Android 14

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