Xiaomi will showcase three futuristic technologies on April 9

Xiaomi announced that the company will showcase three futuristic technologies along with various offers at the OPEN DAY of the Rice Noodle Festival on April 9. This festival is going to be celebrated as the 13th anniversary of Xiaomi’s establishment.

The Rice Noodle Festival is the biggest festival of Xiaomi, which the Chinese tech giant organizes every year and offers several product discounts and surprises for its consumers. This year, the OPEN DAY of the Rice Noodles Festival announced its official return.

Additionally, Xiaomi fans are also invited to the event at Xiaomi Science and Technology Park, where various benefits will be offered to users. Therefore, the Xiaomi engineers will also be available to chat with fans face-to-face about the latest technological products released by Xiaomi.

In addition to the benefits, the company will also showcase three major futuristic technologies including CyberDog, Xiaomi wireless AR glasses exploration version, and Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept machine. Now, let’s discuss these upcoming products in detail.

Xiaomi futuristic technologies


CyberDog is Xiaomi’s bionic quadruped robot, which was first officially released at Lei Jun’s annual speech in 2021. CyberDog not only has a bionic movement gait but also has a bionic visual and auditory interaction experience, which allows it to follow instructions, recognize the owner, and automatically follow the owner.

In addition, it is equipped with a high-precision environmental perception system including 11 high-precision sensors all over the body that transmit information to the AI ​​​​brain in real-time, allowing it to perceive environmental information such as images, light, distance, speed, and sound, and restore more realistic biological responses.

Wireless AR Glasses 

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glasses Discovery Edition is a new product released in February this year. It adopts a lightweight design, using lightweight materials such as magnesium-lithium alloy, carbon fiber parts, and self-developed silicon-oxygen anode batteries.

It is also reported to support Mi 13 series and is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces, OpenXR,  and Microsoft MRTK development framework. Further, it has three innovations including the use of a wireless connection, the communication delay between smartphones and glasses, and the use of free-form surface optical modules to realize a “Retina-level” display using self-developed micro-gesture interaction.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept machine

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept machine is a magically modified product released at the end of last year. It was jointly created by Xiaomi and Leica. It explored the boundaries between mobile images and professional cameras. And now the collaboration between Xiaomi and Leica will be seen in the Xiaomi 13 Ultra smartphone.

By reconstructing the interior of 12S Ultra, Xiaomi has greatly reduced the area of ​​the motherboard and moved the ultra-wide-angle lens down. It canceled the periscope rear camera and added a second direct-light one-inch sensor in the center, and used sapphire glass Covered, the whole machine is still airtight and waterproof.

The flange distance of the connection mount is only 2mm, and the adapter ring can be used to arbitrarily transfer Leica M series lenses. After the external lens is installed, enter the camera professional mode of the 12S Ultra concept machine, and you can use the external lens to shoot.

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