YouTube livestreams now supports HDR, making it the first major video platform to support the tech

by RPRNA Group

According to official YouTube news, live streaming on YouTube now supports HDR. YouTube said that HDR videos have higher contrast and more information about shadows and highlights. By introducing HDR into live streaming, YouTube has unlocked the best image quality to date for live content.

You can stream High Dynamic Range (HDR) video to YouTube Live. HDR lets you show more vibrant and realistic colors to your viewers on the growing number of devices that support HDR.

In 2016, YouTube added HDR support to pre-recorded videos, bringing a whole new level of color to YouTube. Starting today, content creators using supported encoders can live HDR videos on YouTube, and viewers can watch them on HDR-enabled devices.


Supported devices include the latest Android mobile devices or HDR-enabled smart TVs. YouTube also said that it will continue to iterate on this product to provide developers with more choices and let them conduct HDR live broadcasts from more encoders and mobile devices.

Your viewers will see your stream in HDR automatically on supported devices. Viewers on other devices will see your stream in Standard Dynamic Range. Supported HDR devices include:

  • The YouTube app on HDR TVs.
  • Casting to Chromecast Ultra devices connected to HDR TVs.
  • Android-based mobile devices with an HDR display.
  • Windows and Mac PCs with HDR graphics support and an HDR display. Viewers will see your stream in HDR if they have HDR enabled in their computer’s settings.

Note: The preview in the Live Control Room will not show HDR colors.

How to know if you’re watching in HDR

HDR streams will show “HDR” in the video quality settings menu, usually found at the bottom right of your screen. If your device doesn’t support HDR, you won’t see the HDR badge, and your stream will be shown in SDR.

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