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Android 12 (Beta) Tips and Tricks: Here’s the new Double tap gesture to get things done

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Apple’s iPhone has a cool feature that lets you tap on the back of the phone a set number of times to trigger an action of your choosing.

However, it looks like Google is going to use that idea by adding a new double-tap gesture in Android 12.

Here’s the new Double tap gesture!

If you have an eligible Pixel device, just head to Settings > System > Gestures > Double tap and turned on the new feature.


Once it’s enabled, you’ll see a list of actions that you can trigger. The list currently consists of taking a screenshot, playing and pausing media, seeing recent apps, opening the notification shade, and launching Google Assistant.

That said, we haven’t been able to successfully trigger the gesture in any of the early previews.

Clearly, it’s a feature coming to Android 12, but it doesn’t appear to be fully integrated yet.

Another sign that shows Google’s Android 12 work is unfinished is the animation that plays at the top of the screen which shows the person double-pressing the power button instead of tapping the phone.

So, in our opinion, it needs to be fixed for better interactiveness and to match the level of iPhone’s double-tap gesture which works super smoothly.

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