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Google Assistant adds ‘Your apps’ feature to simplify app usage in Android phones

by Mohit

Previously, Google’s Virtual Assistant was identified with some new library that activates Google Assistant by prolonging the power button of the smartphone. However, it has not yet been officially released for all Android handsets.

Now, Google Assistant has added a new function called “Your Apps” to the settings menu, which will help you in many ways and reduce your efforts when using any other app on your Android smartphone.

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Features of these “your apps” settings can be found below Google Assistant, which gives you a more personalized experience and creates synchronization between Google Assistant and the apps installed on your smartphone.

It works in two ways with browsing apps like Google Chrome and other apps. You do not need to specify which application you want to use as you are well versed with the terms of the application and can complete the task with those applications after getting confirmation from the users for a specific task.

This feature enables listed applications with the option of checking the specific application or what the browser can do by default. At the same time, you can also see from the shortcuts of related apps.

Furthermore, the specific function of “personal experience” is still under discussion, in the settings from the edges, Google only modifies it so that we can enable and disable it.

For example, all we have is that we will give you more information on this subject soon. Stay connected for more updates.

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