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Here’s how to enable MIUI 13 Dual Clock on your Xiaomi device!

MIUI 13 Dual Clock

Last year, Xiaomi introduced MIUI 13 at the launch event of the Xiaomi 12 series and on January 26 for global users. This latest MIUI skin brings many new highlights, modifications, improvements, and much more. One of the latest features is MIUI 13 Dual clock on your Xiaomi device.

Let’s talk about the Xiaomi MIUI 13 Dual Clock feature, this feature allows having 2 different schedules at a simple glance. It helps users to communicate with customers, families, and friends in different time zones.


MIUI 13 Dual Clock

In addition, the dual clock feature helps connect families or friends abroad. Also, it helps to check the time for traveling to a place with different time zones.

If you enable it on a Xiaomi smartphone, the second clock is displayed on the lock screen when the time is different, and this feature can be turned on/off and the field of the second clock can be changed. Here, in this article, let’s find out an easy way to check 2 different watches on your smartphone at once.

How to enable MIUI 13 Dual Clock feature:

Simply go to your phone’s Settings, and scroll through the options and tap on Additional settings, look for and open the Date and Time. Scroll down to enable Dual clock, Now easily set the region of the second clock. Finally, a Dual clock is visible on the Home and lock screens.

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